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Product Media

Photographic Learning Cards, Positional/Directional Concepts

Product Number: KE-845022
Learning cards are a wonderful way to build language and encourage vocabulary development.The Positional/Directional Concepts...




Learning cards are a wonderful way to build language and encourage vocabulary development.

The Positional/Directional Concepts set includes:

  • 14 cards, featuring photographs of a plush puppy in different positions relative to a doghouse
  • 14 positional word cards
  • a 2-piece doghouse
  • 2 puppies
  • resource guide with additional activity ideas and card descriptions in English, Spanish, and French

The set supports NCTE, NCTM, and NAEYC standards and can be used for used on a flannel or magnetic board. Positional concepts include:

  • over
  • under
  • inside
  • next to
  • between
  • behind
  • in front

Key Education products are intended to engage and educate young and special learners, as well as assist teachers in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. The product line—comprised of teacher/parent resource books, photographic learning cards, and other activity- and game-oriented materials—is designed to assist in “Unlocking the Potential in Every Child.”


  • Resource Guide

Data sheet


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